Scalable Blockchain Platform

JaxNet is a scalable Blockchain platform following a decentralized Proof of GPU Work algorithm.

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Why use JaxNet?

JaxNet is a platform that solves the blockchain scaling problem and scales for millions of tx/s.

The Violet Paper

The Violet Paper outlines the specification of the JaxNet blockchain platform and the various applications which can be built using JaxNet.

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The Indigo Paper

The Indigo Paper outlines the technical specification using which anyone can code a client that implements the JaxNet protocol.

read the Indigo Paper

Features of JaxNet

Secure ID

JaxNet has an built-in identity verification eco-system which allows for secure and unique identity management.

Scalable Value

JaxNet uses Proof of GPU work capable of processing millions of transactions per second allowing for micropayments.

Scalable Contracts

JaxNet provides a turing-complete virtual machine which allows for scalable smart-contracts.

Scalable ZK-Voting

JaxNet allows for Zero-knowledge Proofs based anonymous voting to run a democracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jax.Network is a blockchain platform which offers:

  • Secure ID
  • Scalable SmartContracts
  • Scalable Anonymous Voting
  • Scalable Value
  • Scalable Reputation
  • Scalable Data
  • Scalable Assets

Jax.Network uses Proof of GPU work algorithm.

The built-in currency of JaxNet is JACS. It's divisible upto units of 1 picoJACS. For stability of value, value payments are indicated in JAX which is equal to a number of JACS.

JACS being a cryptocurrency, it's value is controlled by the free market based on supply and demand. JACS is equal to the amount of GPU power required to compute a keccak256 hash whose hex number has at-least 4 leading zeroes. The exchange rate of JAX for JACS are determined by the market.

You can be a miner or an agent of JaxNet in order to earn money using JaxNet.

In order to become a miner on JaxNet, you can either mine individually by turning on the mining option in the reference client OR you can join the Jax.Network mining pool.

In order to become an agent on JaxNet, you can either become an individual transfer agent by turning on the agent option in the reference client OR you can join the Jax.Network agent pool.

JACS is secured by the Proof of GPU Work algorithm. The issuance of JACS is underwritten by GPU power.